Inside our physical location in downtown Denver, ​we host structured co-working sessions designed to help you find states of deep work or "flow."


Each session has a defined beginning and end and there's always an emphasis on building connection with others, because we know that the best way to accomplish big goals is with the help of other people.

You'll find plenty of room to work in a space designed to encourage focus and concentration.​ There's also coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

When you book a tour, we'll pour you a cup of coffee and chat about how The Process works and how it can help you.

TP Schedule 040622.png

Our members have access to a regular schedule that features two types of Deep Work Sessions: Sprint Sessions (one hour) and Extended Sessions (two hours). We also host one-off sessions that non-members can access for a small fee that can then be applied to the first month of a membership. 

Interested in Building with Us?

In order to build our community in Denver, we're offering 10 first-floor memberships at a 25% discount. You'll have access to this discount for 12 months, contingent upon uninterrupted payments.

This discount can be applied to any of our three membership tiers: 5 sessions each month, 10 sessions each month, or unlimited sessions each month.


To access this discount, use the code FIRSTFLOOR when you sign up. (You'll find the spot to enter the code after you pick a tier and agree to our rules.)

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