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Our Productivity Coaches will teach you to access regular periods of deep work so you can make measurable progress toward your most important goals.

Our Coaches offer three-week, six-week, and 12-week programs. 

For more information and rates, click on the coach you'd like to learn more about.

Lacey Henderson gear.png

Lacey Henderson is a professional long jumper for US Paralympics.

When you work with Lacey, she'll start by helping you discover your own signature strength and style. Then she'll help you set up goals in the short term that build into the long term. 

Lacey lives in Denver.

TPITP Mat.png

Mat Osman is the bassist for the rock band Suede. He's also an author; his first novel, The Ruins, was published in 2020.


Mat will help you think about your big picture: why what you're doing matters to you and how you can take actionable steps to get there.

Mat lives in London.

TPITP Paul.png

Paul Shirley is an author and former professional basketball player.

Paul is also the founder of The Process. He'll focus on building the habits, routines, and rituals that help you find satisfaction in your work and creative lives.

Paul lives in Denver.