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When it comes to unleashing creativity, Mat Osman knows as much as anyone in the world. A founding member of the British rock band Suede, Mat has written and performed on award-winning albums and sold-out world tours.

Mat is also a novelist and journalist. His first book, The Ruins, was released in 2020. He's written for The Guardian and The Independent, composed music for television, and produced records for bands that aren't his own.

In case all that accomplishment is intimidating: worry not! Mat is as modest as he is successful. As you build out your creative process, he'll help tease out why your previous efforts haven't worked and help you build habits and routines that will. 

He might even tell you a few stories from the road along the way.

Mat is available to work with new clients in modules lasting:

  • Three weeks

  • Six weeks

  • 12 weeks

Each module begins and ends with a 60-minute, one-on-one videoconference. You'll speak to Mat on the phone each week, and he'll be in touch via email six days per week, all with one goal in mind: helping you build a creative process that works.

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Let's Work Together

As is the case for all our Individual Coaching relationships, we want to first confirm that clients and coaches are a good fit. If you're interested in hiring Lacey, please apply below.

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