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Defeat distraction.

Stop procrastinating.

Fall in love with your process.


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Paul Shirley is a former professional basketball player and author whose theories about habits, rituals, and routines underpin The Process. A native of Kansas, Paul is the author of several books and the host of The Process Podcast.


Our Productivity Guides run our Deep Work Sessions. They're the friendly voice in our members' ears, helping guide them through the day.

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Paddy Doheny is a screenwriter and a graduate of Loyola Marymount University. In addition to running Deep Work Sessions, Paddy heads up operations on our private Discord server, overseeing member ranks, badges, and awards.

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Sierra DuCharme-Hansen graduated from Westminster College in Utah. A Wisconsin native, she's an aspiring TV writer and an experienced tutor and coach for teens. Sierra also manages logistics and scheduling for The Process.

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Meg Hughes went to Temple University in her hometown of Philadelphia. She's worked in Los Angeles in talent agencies, as a copywriter, and as a screenwriter. Meg runs Deep Work Sessions while also taking charge of The Process's communications.


Nick Jackman is The Process's jack-of-all-trades. A native of Riverside County, Nick runs Deep Work Sessions and edits our video content.


Members of our Council of Experts run our Productivity Roundtables, our Fireside Chats, and help define and guide the direction of The Process.

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Anastacia Anastacio has several degrees and works as a teacher and Tarot reader. She's The Process's spiritual anchor and runs both Roundtables and our bi-weekly Reading Room.

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Katie Carey has a Ph. D in neuropsychology and works in private practice in Denver, Colorado. For our members, she hosts Fireside Chats and seminars that focus on awareness and mindfulness.

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Meghan Daum is an author, columnist, and podcast host whose books include The Unspeakable and The Problem With Everything. Her Roundtables are focused on the process of writing.

Sam Morris live text.png

Sam Morris is an executive coach and productivity teacher. The founder of Zen Warrior Training, he works with people whose companies you've heard of (but which we cannot mention aloud).

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Mat Osman is an author and the bassist for the rock band Suede. He runs Roundtables and Fireside Chats that focus on the development of creativity.