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We'll help you defeat procrastination, build willpower, and do focused work on the projects you care about most.
Standard rate: $48/month.
Discounts are available for students, solo entrepreneurs, and writers and other creatives.

If this is you, apply below for a lower rate.
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You have projects you want to accomplish.
We'll help you break those projects into actionable steps.
You'll finish your projects and reach your goals.


Our members are working on books, business plans, consulting projects,  podcasts, and pitch decks. They're creatives, freelancers, side-hustlers, digital nomads, and working professionals.


The commonality: they're ambitious, they're tired of working alone, and they see the power of accountability and community.

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When you join The Process Online, you're joining a worldwide community. Think of us like Peloton, but for human performance

You'll do structured co-working sessions with the help of our guides. We'll prompt you to set quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals. You'll be granted access to Status Quotient, where we'll check in daily with your sleep, your diet, your focus, and your outlook. You'll get unlimited access to Roundtables with our Council of Experts, including founder Paul Shirley. Along the way, you'll earn badges, build streaks, gain ranks, and win prizes. 

You'll break bad habits, build better ones, and together we'll help you get more done than you ever thought possible.



I've gone from being busy to being productive.
- Amanda G. (Los Angeles)
It's the perfect mix of awareness, socialization, motivation, and focus.
- Sophie H. (Rotterdam)
The best part is the people!
- Kayla G. (Dallas)
I've achieved more in the past three months than in the previous three years.
- Ken W. (Perth)
The best investment ever.
- Genevieve K. (New York)


In the world of human performance, there are plenty of impersonal apps, robotic timers, and static planners.

We are not any of those. We're built on human interaction between our staff and our members

We'll be there, nudging you to set goals, congratulating you on your triumphs, and commiserating with you on your tribulations.


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Meg Hughes can usually be found running sessions on weekday afternoons. A native of Philadelphia, Meg now lives in Los Angeles, where she works on screenplays.

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Paddy Doheny runs our mid-morning and early afternoon sessions. He's also in charge of The Playground, where members interact over Paddy's Question of the Week, and the Streak Report, where he hands out badges to members. Paddy makes music and lives in Los Angeles.


Nick Jackman runs many of our weekend sessions and keeps track of aspiring members in our 5x5 Boot Camp. Nick hails from California's Inland Empire and, when he's not behind the wheel at the process, can often be found behind the wheel of a production truck somewhere in LA County.

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Mina Grunewald is in charge of our early morning sessions--early morning in America, that is. Mina runs sessions from Holland and is our resident Discord expert.

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Ryan Floyd mans the front desk at our physical location in Denver, but he can also be found online, helping encourage our members to great heights. Ryan makes music and produces podcasts.


Our structured Deep Work Sessions are the backbone of what we do. 

Afterward, we'll have you evaluate the goal you've set.

Before you start, we'll prompt you to set a goal.

Our guides host 6 each weekday. You'll sign up for as many as you like. 

Together, we'll help you build accountability into your day.

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Ready to make a change in your life?


What's a Deep Work Session?

  • In the world of The Process Online, it's an hourlong period consisting of 45 minutes of focused work + 15 minutes of debriefing. As you participate in our Deep Work Sessions, you'll learn exactly how much you can get done in 45 minutes, which is usually more than you'd think!

Who are your members?

  • We have members who're working on all sorts of things. They're writing. They're editing videos. They're making pitch decks. They're working on day job things. They all have one thing in common: they're breaking big projects into manageable bits.

Why should I do this?

  • Here's a thing we've noticed: the more freedom your job gives you, the more rules you'll need to make for yourself. If you sometimes feel like you're on your own and could use some structure and accountability in your life, we can help!

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