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Paul Shirley is the founder of The Process. He works with select individuals on:

  • Connecting to their long-term values (their "Why")

  • Building habits and routines so they can achieve big projects

  • Re-learning how to defeat distraction and focus

Paul will push you to think hard about how your're eating, how your're sleeping, the company your're keeping, and about long-term strategies for sustained success.

He works with people in six-week periods. 

If you're interested in working with Paul, tell us more about you.


"Paul was the answer to my frustrations. He's part mentor, therapist, and cheerleader, and he helped me to recognize the mental and social obstacles impeding me."

- Sarah Goodrum

"I came to Paul with an assortment of challenges. Among them: an inability to focus, a lack of confidence, and trouble with time management. Paul gave me specific, concrete tools to address and overcome each challenge in turn."

- Todd Sullivan

"Paul’s ability to open people's eyes to things they might not be able to see about themselves is amazing.”

- Lex Stenson

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