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Paul Shirley is the founder of The Process. He works with select individuals on:

  • Building habits so they can take on big projects

  • Blocking distraction and re-learning to focus and find flow states

  • Re-connecting to their long-term values

Paul will push you to think hard about how your're eating, how your're sleeping, the company your're keeping, and about long-term strategies for sustained success.

He works with people in six-week periods. 

If you're interested in working with Paul, tell us more about you.


Dan W HS.jpeg

"Impactful and rewarding, a great mix of a tactical, structured process with insight and empathy that led to both new habits and better self-awareness for me."

- Dan Weiner

Co-Founder, RevelOne

Kaatz headshot 1.jpeg

"Far exceeded my expectations. Paul challenged me to think deeply, helped me become more self-aware, and then guided me to strategies for developing long-lasting and powerful habits"

- Sarah Kaatz

Iowa State Dept. of Research Ethics

Lana N_edited.jpg

"I'm now armed with a powerful tool that can help me conquer any goal I set."

- Lana Neyolova

Belcan Space & Defense

Sarah G HS.jpeg

"Paul was the answer to my frustrations. He's part mentor, therapist, and cheerleader, and he helped me to recognize the mental and social obstacles impeding me."

- Sarah Goodrum

University of Colorado

Todd Sullivan HS.jpeg

"I came to Paul with an assortment of challenges. Among them: an inability to focus, a lack of confidence, and trouble with time management. Paul gave me specific, concrete tools to address and overcome each challenge in turn."

- Todd Sullivan

Writer & Producer

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