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We'll Help Your Team WOrk

We’ll train your staff to be more effective: more productive and more engaged with their jobs.

Remarkable and necessary. I’ll be referring everyone I know.


- Morghan Milagrosa, COO, Chinn Gyn


Your team wants to focus and do their jobs, but they're inundated with calls, emails, and meetings. They're drinking from an informational firehose.


The result: feelings of overwhelm and burnout.


We'll help your team defeat distraction, build better habits, and re-learn how to work deeply.


Your staff will be more engaged. They'll be able to do more in less time. And they'll want to stick around, because they'll know you care about their well-being.



A six-week module with Process founder Paul Shirley.

Think: executive coaching, for your team.


Six weeks' access to The Process Online.

Think: a virtual gym, for your employees' brains.


Intake surveys, post-module evaluations, and copies of The Process is the Product for each participant.


Most programs breed enthusiasm and buy-in while they last. But then, your team snaps back to old habits. They learn, but they don’t do.

We’ll teach your staff how to build systems that connect to their values. Then we’ll help them put that into action.

We'd be glad to tell you more about what we do and figure out how we can help your team.


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"Our module with The Process exceeded my expectations in several directions."


- Ole Eichhorn, CTO

Who We Are

Our founder, Paul Shirley, is a former professional basketball player who played for 17 teams in his nine-year career, including stints with the Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, and Chicago Bulls.

But Paul is no dumb jock. He went to Iowa State on a National Merit Scholarship and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.

After Paul's basketball career, he began writing books. It was in this time that he made the connection that defines what we do: it doesn't matter whether it's basketball or writing or entrepreneurship; accomplishing big goals happens because we build a process.​

But The Process isn't just Paul. We've built an entire staff that's ready and waiting to help you build the systems that will help you accomplish your most important goals.

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by Paul Shirley

Featuring plenty of humor, humility, and outside sources, this is a book designed to equip readers with the tools to break big projects into small tasks while learning to love the work along the way.

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