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Knowledge workers need periods of sustained focus so they can do deep work.


Over six weeks, we'll help your knowledge workers build systems so their schedules can support these periods of sustained focus.

In this time, we'll focus on five main concepts:

Connection to Values

It starts with Why: what motivates and animates you?

Focus + Concentration

How to manage digital distractions and do deep work.

Habits + Rituals

How to build sustainable systems.

Personal Infrastructure

What we’re eating, how we’re sleeping, exercise + emotional health.

Self Talk + Accountability

Dealing with failure and developing personal accountability.


1. Sessions are 50-minute video calls with Process founder Paul Shirley.

2. Between sessions, there will be homework.

3. Participants also receive:

  • 10 weeks' access to The Process Online (4 weeks during the intensive + 6 weeks after)

  • A copy of The Process is the Product

  • Email access to Paul during the six weeks


START DATE: Tuesday, August 15

TIME: 3 pm ET/12 pm PT

DURATION: Six Tuesdays, 50 minutes

COST: $1,200/seat


START DATE: Thursday, September 7

TIME: 12 pm ET/9 am PT

DURATION: Six Thursdays, 50 minutes

COST: $1,200/seat

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